Travel philosophy

Over the past couple of years, each time it comes to plan a holiday, I end up dedicating the entirety of the limited time I have outside of work to organize it. Of course I’m not referring to any ordinary holiday that comes prepackaged from a travel agency… if that were the type of trip I was looking for, there is already a solution for it. When I travel, I seek out something distinct; I want to discover everything my country has to offer from the most authentic local dishes to the hidden natural gems. And I wanted to do it differently – free from schedules and obligations, without the marked up price tag, and reflecting my own unique interests.

I could share a million anecdotes from such trips, but I have narrowed it down to just a few to help you better understand the travel philosophy that this website represents. From Tenerife, where I most fondly remember the Guachinches (typical taverns where the locals offer their homemade wines alongside local dishes at local’s prices); to Extremadura, where we were captivated by the water winding around the Meandro del Melero creek, and an incomparable sunset over Las Medulas in Leon, or the low tides on Las Catedrales beach in Lugo, or the boat trip I took through the Arribes del Duero in Zamora.

Spain has so much to offer outside of the tourist lined coasts, it is a real shame to have it so close and not set out to discover it.

It was through so many years of experience planning this type of trips that I decided to create this website, and dedicate my time to the gratifying effort of organizing something so beautiful and important for others to experience. So few of us have that extra time that we end up settling for a package holiday designed for the masses, which could never encompass our true interests or preferences.


The objective of this page is to organize personalized trips, customized to each individual’s preferences and budgets. I can work to just about any budget – whether you travel by shared car, train, bus or with your own vehicle; or stay in a private room in a guest house, a villa or hotel. I truly believe that travel in Spain is achievable no matter your financial situation, and I will work with you to make sure you are able to see everything that you hoped.